Operations & Maintenance - Push Energy
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Push Energy offers a comprehensive Operations & Maintenance programme bespoke to the clients needs.







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We offer a total monitoring solution which provides every service, from alerts to real time data. We will ensure the installed plant maintains the optimum output efficiency in order for our customers to receive the maximum income and benefits for the life of the plant post installation. Our network operation centre remotely monitors generating systems, if the plant is not functioning at its optimum capacity, or a fault is identified, trained helpdesk staff arrange for an engineer to visit the site to diagnose and rectify the problem efficiently.


Accurate, consistent and continuous evaluation of PV system performance

Provides data to enable the scheduling of comprehensive and responsive maintenance



The key to our successful maintenance programme is the ability to respond to incoming alerts for evaluation and, if needed, re-instating the site to optimal working conditions, maximising financial and energy returns.


Incoming alerts, signalling system damage or problems, are documented in work orders so that site technicians can immediately correct the issue.  Alerts are triggered automatically by our maintenance monitoring system.  Incidents are classified according to the amount of production lost or at risk.  Non-communicating devices are treated as non generating, unless production can be verified by alternative means.


Reaction to real-time notifications within agreed service levels

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The preventative maintenance focus is on pre-empting failures, maintaining equipment and ensuring the site’s tasks are performed according to schedule to effectively manage time, capital and your investment.  Annual maintenance schedules are designed and implemented for each individual site.


Electrical protection, Module & Connection condition

Inverter status, Improvements & Updates to software and firmware

Grass cutting and ground maintenance

Inspection of support structure & fixings



Our monitoring team constantly analyse the data from all of our solar PV plants. Our software generates daily reports which detail comparisons against meteorological and local pyranometer data.


We submit reports which provide all the key information needed in order to review the performance of the system. The report will clearly state the dates on which the data has been extracted and will show each systems performance against design output for the month as well as year to date. We will indicate the systems energy output in kWh along with the systems design output; this is displayed in data and graph format. The amount of CO2 saved is calculated, as well as the income generated for both the month and year to date.


Tailor made reports designed to fit your requirements

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Our solar PV plants have full perimeter protection by static cameras, with built-in infra-red lighting and thermal imaging cameras.

Any breach of security rules and regulations on the solar farm will be detected by specifically designed analytical software which will then process and analyse the recorded images. When an abnormality is detected within the perimeter, the recording is automatically transmitted to the remote video receiving centre via satellite broadband.


Remote access for viewing and reconfiguration

Centralised monitoring platform with full event history and logs



Clean panels operate up to 30% more efficiently so it is very important to establish a regular and effective cleaning regimen. Our fully automated panel cleaning machines enable us to provide this service in-house, ensuring the glass covering the solar cell is free from dirt and operating to its maximum capacity.


Being able to provide these services in-house allows us to easily synchronise the ground maintenance and module cleaning. Once grass cutting and hedge trimming has been carried out, this can result in dust and vegetation landing on the panels. We can immediately send in our module cleaning teams to minimise any lost output.


Scheduled & reactive module cleaning

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As a responsible employer, we recognise our responsibilities for the health and safety of our employees and anyone affected by our actions. We believe our employees, or sub-contactors working on our behalf, have the right to work in safe and healthy conditions. These conditions are created and maintained by having clear health and safety policies systems and procedures.


The Company recognises and accepts the general duties imposed upon the Company as an employer under the Health and safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent Health and Safety Regulations appertaining to its operation.