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Push Energy Ltd is vertically integrated with Push Build Ltd, our in-house Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contractor (EPCC). Push Build Ltd was established in 2013 from work completed within the small scale solar market and has developed this knowledge into the construction of utility grade power plants.

This has allowed the team to be involved in all stages of the planning, design and construction process, thus ensuring that all plants are both landlord friendly and economic to build.


Ground-Mount Solar


Push Build has constructed 140MW of ground mounted solar PV across the UK.


Roof Mount Solar


Roof mounted solar PV systems can be installed on a wide variety of roof types and are the most efficient as they are naturally positioned to capture the most sunlight, optimising the configuration to maximise the electrical output.


Tracker Solar PV


Tracker solar PV systems automatically follow the sun during the course of the day, regardless of any poor weather conditions. Every single minute of sunshine can be collected by the tracker solar PV array, optimising the configuration to maximise the electrical output.



Push Build strive to gain a reputation for producing a quality driven solar farm which allies to and seeks to maximise the long term revenue stream generated.


We have a range of subcontractors with key experience and knowledge of the solar industry. Utilising suppliers with a combined 15GW of solar experience innovative design solutions and local business exchange.