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Gas Peaking Plant

The UK is decomissioning coal fired power stations and shifting to low carbon and renewable energy technologies and there has been a delay in new nuclear capacity. The shift is making energy supplies more intermittent and weather dependent, and requires measures to allow electricity to be supplied to the grid in periods of peak demand (winter mornings and evenings).

The gas generators allow quick response generation to support the grid at times of need and are a key enabler of higher renewable energy levels in the UK

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As the UK energy market moves to a decentralised, low carbon model, the importance of battery storage has grown significantly.  While many organisations are interested in adopting storage technologies, the revenue streams and long paybacks make it difficult to justify the upfront capital and meet payback thresholds.

Push Energy specialise in battery storage solutions for businesses, giving you increased levels of control over your energy consumption and the ability to safeguard against volatile energy costs. Our dedicated development and delivery teams create tailored turnkey solutions, which allow you to buy power when it is cheapest, store it, and discharge during the peak usage times. Our fully funded systems, will allow you to see immediate savings to your energy bill at no cost to you.