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Push Energy has been established to take a more measured approach to developing Solar Farms. We believe strongly that Solar PV power plants have an important role to play in UK energy security, a view shared by the DECC.

Solar PV plants are located on land closer to centres of population than both traditional fossil fuel power plants and also other forms of renewable such as offshore wind. We are mindful that whilst producing power close to where it is consumed is an advantage we must select sites with great care to ensure that the community’s views of the open countryside are protected.

Push Energy seeks to double crop land simultaneously with both sheep and solar panels, this will be an important factor in maintaining the agricultural value of our sites. We also, at our own additional cost, place panels on the best area of land from a visual perspective. The cost of laying undergroung cables over distances of up to 2km to reach the grid may run into hundreds of thousands of pounds but we consider this acceptable in order to allow selection of sites with minimal visual impact.

Our financial partners share our vision and are willing and able to back our efforts to help propel the UK towards its goals of a lower carbon economy.